Ash! Our UK based Biz Dev!

08 Jul Ash! Our UK based Biz Dev!

Florian, could you introduce Ashish in a few words ?

Ash (yes, he already has a nickname!) is a pro-hotelier. When you meet him for the 1st time, with his nice suit and shiny shoes, you know he comes from Hospitality Industry: service & customer relationships!

With Ash “you only have one shot to make a 1st good impression” it’s 100% true 😉

 What makes him an asset to Hotelcloud?

He has a strong background in hotel operations. With his knowledge, we know that Hotelcloud will be more prepared to answer customers’ needs. A software made for hoteliers, from a hotelier’s point of view!

 What did you learn form Ashish ?

When I did my first meeting with Ash in London, I learnt 1 thing: you can have 2 sales attitudes which have the same end result. (he is very calm / I’m quite excited)

 If Ashish were an animal?

He would be an handsome indian ninja turtle. He has the capacity to stay calm, even in the chaotic moments and he takes the time to do his work well.

He has a certain emotional stability about him that I really appreciate!




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