Global Youth Travel Market Booming

11 Oct Global Youth Travel Market Booming

“The value of  Youth Travel in 2007 was estimated as $143 billion and at the end of 2012 according to the UNWTO, this had risen by 28% to $183 billion with young people accounting for nearly 20% of all international arrivals.”

And those numbers won’t stop to grow. With the Gen Y travelers already accounting for 1 in 5 international arrivals, there is clearly a significant market share already existing.

In a blog post I published a couple of weeks ago, I already talked about the “next gen travelers” that are heavy internet user and technological savvy. This article from tnooz backs up the trend: technology has become indispensable for all segments of these young travelers, as the vast majority now books their travel and accommodations via the Internet. In addition, while mobile remains a small portion of the total booking, 56% of surveyed travelers using broadband to book travel and this share is growing, especially as more travelers choose to carry smartphones and tablets over laptops as they travel.

Another factor to mention is security via smartphone and information; these next gen travelers enjoy having access to all kinds of information at their fingertips.

gen y travelHotelcloud allows you to give the young travelers access to all the information they might need, and even more. It allows you to be present at every step of the travel planning such as activities, transportation and much more.

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