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Hotelcloud | Great expectations: mobile focus must be innovation and integration

Great expectations: mobile focus must be innovation and integration

02 Jul Great expectations: mobile focus must be innovation and integration

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This very interesting article from Eyefortravel explains how a mobile focus should be a strategy to prioritize because of the surge of mobile browsing and it’s impact on the purchase decision.

“Some brands already offer mobile solutions that are easier to use and provide for a more enjoyable shopping experience than more complex desktop websites,”

Say’s Andreas Schrader, Group Senior Director – Mobile, New Ventures & Brands, Odigeo Group (owners of eDreams, GO Voyages, Opodo and Travellink).


“But it should be noted that most mobile solutions today are optimised for only one or a few use cases, which requires the user to use a portfolio of mobile solutions in order to serve his travel needs (flights, hotels, cars, taxi etc),”


Having mobile solutions in different technologies not only improves reach – and hence makes the brand and the service relevant for more users – it also matters for the optimisation of marketing investment.


When customers become loyal with mobile solutions and use an app for repeat purchases, or if customers flow seamlessly between mobile and desktop solutions, it is evident that this provides advantages to both, the users and the business.


You need to have a proper responsive and efficient mobile platform that seamlessly connects your guests to your services before the trip in order to unlock a new realm of revenues.

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