Hotel Testimonial #3 : Taiwana

30 Sep Hotel Testimonial #3 : Taiwana

We’re doing a blog post mini series on ‘Hotel Testimonials’,  of our clients from all around the globe! 

Our third testimonial is from:
Alexandre Arfi, Sales Director of Hotel Taiwana, based in Saint-Barths – Caribbean


– Alexandre, why an e-concierge for Hotel Taiwana’s guests?
It allows guests to have an access to the hotel concierge as soon as they book their stays with us. It’s a playful digital touch with a maximum of information made available to our guests about the various activities offered by the hotel. 

– About the implementation process ?
The set up made through the phone and the staff training are very efficient and quick. The solution and the platform are very simple to use and understand for both guests and staff members.

– About your account manager ?
The Account Manager’s reactivity is excellent. Monitoring is done regularly. There is a real relationship between Hotelcloud and hoteliers.

– Any positive feedback from your guests ?
The chat is great as it is now possible for guests to discuss with staff members whilst being in their hotel rooms or at home before their trips.

– Would you recommend Hotelcloud to other hotels / apartments rentals companies ?
Yes, definitely as we move out from traditional concierge.  Guests can book their restaurants, sport activities… well before their stay without sending an email. Everything is done through the app which is very user friendly. The solution also allows hotels to send reminders to guests about all the available bookable activities listed in the app.



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