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Hotelcloud | Meet Alienor – Creative & Content executive!

Meet Alienor – Creative & Content executive!

08 Jul Meet Alienor – Creative & Content executive!

Marina, could you introduce Aliénor in a few words?
Every morning, even on a Monday morning, Aliénor gets to the office with a smile on her face and shares this feel-good attitude with everyone here. It is like a shot of vitamins!

What makes her an asset to Hotelcloud?
Aliénor is a reliable person, You can be sure she will do her best to do her work perfectly, to finish on time, and help you if you have any difficulties with your tasks.

What did you learn from Aliénor?
The “think positive” way of mind: never complain, and never feel too stressed. That’s a philosophy I like.

 If Aliénor were an animal?
She would be a hummingbird because they bring cheerfulness to everyone and because she has the capacity to quickly answer any request.



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