Meet our Head of Partnerships


28 Aug Meet our Head of Partnerships

Morgane Miné, Head of Partnerships by Chibo Agu, Account Manager

Chibo, Could you introduce Morgane  in a few words?

Morgane is the modern Parisian, fashionable up to date with all the recent trends, new products and music. Behind her shy looks lays an incredible party girl. She mixes her personal interests to the Hotelcloud cloud by being up to date with the new trends in town that could benefit and help our business grow.

What makes her an asset to Hotelcloud?

Her composure and convincing tone of voice, her passion for her job and her motivation to discover new products makes her are real asset for Hotelcloud. She helps us to engage and create a real relation between Hotelcloud and the partners we enroll for the hotels we sign. Her singing abilities are also to be mentioned.

What did your learn from Morgane ?

She taught me that you always have to be ahead of the curve to secure good partnerships.

If Morgane were an animal ?

I would say a caterpillar, as she is calm at first sight, but then show her true colors! Just like a butterfly.

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