Mobile browsing continues apace

12 Jul Mobile browsing continues apace

textngMobile browsing continues to grow rapidly and the Wave 5 Nucleus Mobile Web browsing Survey shows mobile browsing is now 32% of all web traffic.

Conducted in June, the researched showed that iOS dominates, with an 84% share of mobile web operating  systems. However, Androids has shown the highest growth, 11% of share, thanks to the popularity of Samsung Galaxy devices.

Of all segments, it is luxury websites that are attracting the greatest volume of users browsing from mobile devices states this article from tnooz. In a recent report for Mobile Marketer, Nucleus boss Peter Matthews says mobile is an untapped opportunity for luxury brands with the mobile experience failing to meet consumer expectations much of the time.

The Hotelcloud platform is the solution for hotels to finally meet customers expectations when it comes to new technologies. Hotelcloud is optimized to fit any platform: iOS, Android, Windows 8, Mac or PC. Native applications also available for iOS and Android so that your guests are connected, whenever they want, wherever they go.

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