Seize new technologies today for an unforgettable omnichannel experience

20 Aug Seize new technologies today for an unforgettable omnichannel experience


In this interesting interview of Dinesh Ramachandran conducted by Eyefortravel is discussed how to use technology across all touch-points to generate an increased customer loyalty by leveraging all channels.

Biggest challenges :

The challenges come from many places. From the customer perspective, it is being able to find the right product at a minimum cost, having a lot more choice, convenience in the entire travel process and the ability to enjoy yourself.

From a technology perspective, there is the unrelenting march of new technologies and their potential to shake up the existing processes and models in the travel world. Mobile, social, cloud, big data are all having an impact.

Overall, the old carpet bombing marketing campaigns are completely inefficient, travel firms need to micro-segment customers and target them with bespoke content to better convert and retain them.

How to address these challenges :

“a seamless booking experience across all touch points, channels, devices and a single view of the brand is essential to customers.”

“By optimizing customer interaction one can enable a personalized booking experience and provide targeted content. Even as the traditional channels continue to be highly frequented, mobile and social media are rapidly being adopted. Providing an environment of continuous interaction and sales through mobile and social media would be the right step towards satisfying the always-connected traveller. Offering an inspired customer experience through all the stages of the customer journey would likely result in travelers returning to book in the future. To capture and maintain market share, it is important to continuously learn about traveller behavior and design and sell unique products and services. If travel firms are saddled with dated technologies, they should hasten the process of transformation as well as upgrade initiatives.”

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