Technology meets travel

02 Jul Technology meets travel


The travel industry experienced nothing short of a revolution during the last century. The birth of commercial air travel gave way to an unrivaled experience of luxury and service while catapulting us into a new era of global connectivity.

The conversation around innovation creates a dichotomy out of technology and humanity. Travel is leading a new wave of innovation that introduces one of the greatest technological and economical advancement in the industry yet: peer-to-peer travel.

The future of travel is real-life connection and sharing of the past made better by the technology of tomorrow. How do we do this?

We’re now using technology with local guides, local concierges, hosts, and drivers. An exponentially growing number of consumers are choosing Airbnb, Lyft, and Vayable over the less personal alternatives because they trust the opinion of others, locals to be their guide or recommend them a nice restaurant.

Technology has the power to isolate us, but it also has the power to bring us together.

Hotelcloud thrive to create ecosystems of local activity partners where you can now become the travelers’ friend and local guide!

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