The Potential of Cloud Computing for Hotels

28 May The Potential of Cloud Computing for Hotels

This great Bdaily article highlights four major benefits of cloud computing for hotels:

  • Reduces Costs and Resources
  • Faster Services
  • Stronger Security
  • Accessible Information.

The author writes:

Cloud services are faster and more efficient which improves customer service by decreasing waiting times and providing a more personalised service on arrival. However many hotels have yet to realise the potential in using this data for a personalised service. Hotel staff could be aware of a customer preference for room, food and leisure activities before arrival and cater for their requirements in advance. Cloud also removes geographical barriers and extends services to anyone anywhere in the world.

Hotelcloud’s platform and apps for hotels were built using the latest cloud computing technology. Through cloud computing, Hotelcloud:

  • gives guests faster and easier access to hotel services and local activities and services, even before their trip
  • enables hotel staff to be more efficient and to manage guest requests anywhere, anytime
  • informs hotel personnel about each guest’s profile and preferences, order history ¬†and more, allowing for a more personalized guest experience
  • eliminates the need for hotels to invest in expensive hardware / equipment

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