Time for hotels to wise up to needs of the tech-savvy guests

05 Jul Time for hotels to wise up to needs of the tech-savvy guests

Tablet mit FilmThe in-room hotel experience has remained the same for a very long time with thy typical TV and movies on-demand. Whilst this was pretty standard in most hotels, the last few years have open  new doors thanks to technology.

The article from Eyetravel says it all: “Notebooks, Netbooks, eBook readers, iPhones and iPads are giving guests the ability to entertain themselves and putting pressure on standard “pay-per-view” model hotel’s hold so dear.”

Most hotel rooms are not iPad friendly, but this will not make guests purchase over-priced movies, it will just annoy them. So it is time to shake things up and offer what customers want: free Wifi. This will allow hotels to to get customer’s attention back and offer interactive city guides, maps and local information. Tech savvy hotels can use the channel to replace the “brochure rack” and concierge to add ancillary revenue through commissions.

It’s now up to hotels to either take advantage of this opportunity or continue to push a dying revenue stream… at their peril. Hotelcloud is here to help hotels seize this opportunity of increasing their revenues and offer a new experience to their clients.

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