Today, discover our Creative Manager


29 Aug Today, discover our Creative Manager

Tea Djumisic, Creative Manager
by Morgane Miné, Head of Partnerships

Morgane could you introduce Tea in a few words ?

Tea is a fashionable and very cheerful person. She is also very determined since she follows her trainer’s advice very strictly, I admire her for that. What courage !
She is also very festive and dynamic, she knows all the good places in Paris and London. I hope we will enjoy a party together.She is also a real globetrotter, she has visited more than 40 countries at only 26 years old !

What makes her an asset to Hotelcloud?

She is very responsive and efficient in her work, Tea is always available to help. She also has an artistic spirit that is really appreciated for the platforms’ creation. Due to all trips she did, she is a very open-minded and curious girl.
Moreover, she laughs to our stupid jokes and that is a good point ;).

What did your learn from Tea ?

A sound mind in a sound body.

If Tea were an animal ?

A bee. She has foraged and kept « the nectar » (by nectar I mean the best) by living in a lot of cities : Boston, Milano, Atlanta, Paris, London, Lillehammer, Megève… She has a wealth of experiences.

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