Who are tomorrow’s travellers?

20 Sep Who are tomorrow’s travellers?

This article published on Tnooz focuses on profiling the next generation of travelers. While the trends that they outlay are not earth-shattering relevations they are nontheless and good reminder of the cross-generational differences in behaviour between older generations and the “next gen traveler”.

Amadeus is the latest to peer into the Millennial mind, compiling a series of interviews with younger travelers from around the world into a report entitled “Trending with NextGen Travelers”.

For their purposes, the qualities that defined  “next gen travelers” are heavy internet user, technological savvy, college students, heavy social media users and frequent travelers.


Today’s travelers are informed and empowered, with a clear shift in self-identification from tourist to explorer. One of the key insights the report identified was that these travelers “want only beginning and end points” and prefer to “create own unique path in between. The next generation of travelers are still seeking “something different,” a touch of authenticity in a world of similarity.

This gives an opportunity to brands for co-creating the travel experience with them, bringing them into the fold w

hen creating trips, offering up chances to get local and do something that is absolutely not tourist-oriented.



So the story continues, millennial travelers prefer special experiences and value authenticity and connectivity as the best way to explore the world. But this trend is also climbing up and we now see older generations seeking authenticity in their travel experience.

The rise in “travel like a local” startups, and bespoke travel agencies focused on experiential travel, have truly highlighted the sea change in travel. It’s all about the experience and not the commodity; the memory not the money.

Thanks to this article, you now know who your guests are and the sort of experience they seek while travelling. Hotelcloud is the perfect solution to address this need for travelling like a local; by offering an eco-system of local partnership on their platform, hotels can become the local guide of any guest!

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