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05 Jun Meet our COO

Sharon Brakha, COO By Florian Savoyen, Business Development Could you introduce Sharon in a few words ? Sharon is the perfect trendy thirty year-old woman knowing how to balance between her career and personal life! With her, the work is always fun and in a good mood! But be careful...

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02 Jun Meet the Founder!

David-Benjamin Brakha, Founder & CEO By Nicolas Brouet, Head of Global Sales Nicolas, could you introduce David in a few words? David is a radical visionary combining deep technology knowledge and a strong desire to make the world and the hospitality industry better connected places. He is always...

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27 May Hotelcloud au Meilleur Dev de France

Jeudi 15 mai s’est tenu à l’école 42 à Paris un événement majeur dans la sphère digitale: La 2ème édition du Meilleur Dev de France. De nombreuses personnalités étaient présentes, entre autres Xavier Niel, Henri Seydoux, Axelle Lemaire, la secrétaire d’Etat au Numérique et bien...

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27 May Hotelcloud at Meilleur Dev Event

Thursday, May 15 2014, a major event in the digital sphere occurred in the school 42 in Paris : The 2nd edition of the "Best Developer of France". Many personalities were present , among others Xavier Niel, Henri Seydoux, Axelle Lemaire, the Secretary of State Digital and many others. Hotelcloud...

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