18 Sep Why The Destination Marketing Organization Model in Tourism Is Broken?

This very interesting article is striving to answer why “The Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) Model in Tourism Is Broken” with a focus made on the importance of mobile technology, for guests, in the hospitality industry. "Mobile, Mobile, Mobile! The major disruptor is the omnipresence of mobile, through smartphone...

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12 Jul Mobile browsing continues apace

Mobile browsing continues to grow rapidly and the Wave 5 Nucleus Mobile Web browsing Survey shows mobile browsing is now 32% of all web traffic. Conducted in June, the researched showed that iOS dominates, with an 84% share of mobile web operating  systems. However, Androids has shown the highest growth,...

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09 Jul Luxury Hotels: Luring the Next Generation

This article from Kevin Brass in the New York Times stresses the fact that there is a new emerging generation of wealthy travelers with special needs and expectations. Hoteliers have to adapt and evolve to better cater those travels lifestyles and segments. Most importantly it highlights the...

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