From inspiration to great vacation : Understanding the travel shopping journey

16 Sep From inspiration to great vacation : Understanding the travel shopping journey

Today, as I was doing research I tumbled upon this great research paper  done by VFM Leonardo.

It confirms what were are saying for some time : online shopper are increasingly savvy and their willingness to pay on the internet has increased over time.

US Online shopping will increase 45% over the 2012 – 2016 period from $226 billion to $327 billion

Mobile devices play a interesting role in the trend. Consumer are doing simultaneously research on different screens  :

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 13.32.39

As I wrote before in this article, modern online shopper are forever more comparison driven :

“Eighty-three per cent of leisure travelers use the internet as part of their travel planning – and 65 per  cent begin researching online before they’ve even decided where or how to travel.”

“In fact, mobile browsing of travel websites has more than doubled in the past 12 months to an average 20.5 per cent of all traffic surveyed.”

To better address this trend, online market have to create compelling content across communication channels to impact the purchase behavior, but keep in mind that content needs to be responsive and adapted to mobile devices.

“Hotels that fall behind will miss out on engaging with potential customers, and won’t see the bookings that their more savvy competitors do.”

It’s still very disappointing to see top hotels chains have no mobile strategy and responsive websites. They still are obsessed by the fact that they are being bled out by OTAs but why is that ? Probably because the booking experience and UX is far more simple and all information is held there as well as recommendation from other travelers !

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 13.35.50

We are submerged by the massive amount of data that is most of the time irrelevant, that is a big reason why online curated content shopping site are flourishing like FAB, Abesmarket and others. They funnel that massive overload of information by collecting user curators and regrouping people by interests. Therefore hotels need to do the same : curate their content and provide the most meaningful and useful information about their properties and destinations as well as all information that the traveler would spend hours to collect from many different scattered sources.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 13.38.54

The experience needs to be consistent and engaging in order to drive purchases. This the key to success !

Why not provide a frictionless user experience across all touch-points, on every device and give the chance to hotels to come back at the keystone of guests’ journey ?

How do we achieve that ?

– By simply centralizing all relevant information about the hotel , by giving the opportunity to the guest to pre-book in-house services alongside local service providers such as tours & activities, transports, ticketing offices, and all that could cover the guests’ need for an immersive travel.

This is how you can manage to achieve this and generate ancillary revenues as well as easing the guests lives and impact positively their satisfaction >

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