Hilton Kills Room Service in New York. It’s About Time !

14 Jun Hilton Kills Room Service in New York. It’s About Time !

Hilton New-York, the city’s largest hotel will no longer offer room service to its 1’980 rooms. What is the reason behind this? Room service is labor intensive and “a big money loser for hotels” said John Fox, senior vice president of PKF Consulting.

This may come as surprise to most hotel clients who remember how staggeringly expensive their last room service order was. But even at those inflated prices, labor costs and fluctuating demand make it very unattractive for hotels.

On the other hand, some hoteliers argue that even though it is not a huge profit center, it’s a must have for hotels of a certain brand or category.

How to find a middle ground? If hotels won’t let their customers order their food internally, why not allow them to order their favorite dishes from the best restaurants right around the corner?

This is exactly what Hotelcloud allow hotels to do: provide their guests with an eco-system of local partners to accommodate all of the travelers’ needs. And even better than that, it turns a money loser into a profit center for hotels thanks to the commissions they perceived on each transaction. Definitely a win-win situation for all stakeholders and as John Fox said, we are sure that “all the big hotels will be looking at what Hilton is doing”.
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