Hilton sums it up: human capital + technology = happy customers

26 Jun Hilton sums it up: human capital + technology = happy customers

Managing talent and training staff is an internal matter, but how technology impacts the guests’ experience is something a hotel cannot always control.

Now let’s take a closer look at what Hilton is doing on the technology front. Last year, the team at Hilton came up with Conrad Concierge, a service-enabled technology wholly integrated with hotel management systems across the brand’s portfolio. In essence this means that customers are now able to tailor and share the particulars of their booking before, during and after each visit via a smartphone or tablet.

Whether the guest intends to interact with staff at the property or not, hotel companies have to ensure that the flow of information reaches the relevant team who will be ready deliver.

“Technology is a certainly a powerful change agent in our industry today,” admits Dominic Sherry, head of sales, Asia Pacific, Hilton Worldwide. “We pay a lot of attention to maintaining the multiple facets of our online presence, as well as our e-commerce strategies to enhance the online guest experience.”

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