Hotel Testimonial #2 : Cyprès si Haut

28 Sep Hotel Testimonial #2 : Cyprès si Haut

We’re doing a blog post mini series on ‘Hotel Testimonials’,  of our clients from all around the globe! 

Our second testimonial is from:
Didier & Dominique Bentejac, Owners of the Cypres-si-haut Tree Lodge, based in Corrèze, France!

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– Didier, why an e-concierge for Cyprès si Haut’s guests?
Implementing an e-concierge is an extra service which separates us from our competitors and labels us as avant-garde for our kind of structure. Our guests enjoy preparing their stay and are always seeking for services but do not want to waste time looking; it’s much easier to have an app which gathers all of that.

– Why Hotelcloud ?
For their quick response, for their interview on BFM Business, for their dynamism and for the way they adapted their solution with regards to my establishment. Most especially for their « Do it yourself » offer, perfect for our kind of structure, easy to implement and cost-saving.

– About the implementation process ?
Very satisfying. My every questions were answered thanks to the great listening skills of the creative team. The implementation was fast and efficient.

– Any positive feedback from your guests ?
Guests are surprised that a structure of our size offers such a service and find it very easy to use. This is extremely valuable to differentiate ourselves, and to help them plan their stay.

– Would you recommend Hotelcloud to other hotels / apartments rentals companies ?
Already been done ! (Hôtel « Les 3Chambres » in Paris.)


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