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03 Oct Hotelcloud @ Hotels Curated

“With increasing consumer preference to stay in differentiated hotel concepts that offer unique experiences along with a strong sense of space – Hotels Curated NYC is focused on finding – and understanding – how innovative hotel properties and brands are developed and created.”

It is with this in mind that The N Group approached Hotelcloud to offer us the opportunity to showcase our solution during their event spotlighting Art and Innovation in Hospitality. “The event will highlight the marriage of branding, design and technology within the hospitality industry – especially as it relates to creating new and innovative hotel spaces that not only have a revenue upside potential and customer loyalty benefit, but also create community and value for the neighborhoods they inhabit.”

If you’ve heard of Hotelcloud before, you will quickly understand that this is our exact mission; offering a platform allowing hotels to generate new revenues while increasing guest loyalty and creating an ecosystem of partnership where value is shared between stakeholders.

The event will feature two panels and a showcase where industry leaders will participate in robust discussions on diverse and timely industry topics such as development, the economy, creating unique concept hotels, new trends,evolving consumer preferences and how to engage them.HC_Website_Slider_HCNY_v2

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