Hotelcloud launches in Portugal


30 May Hotelcloud launches in Portugal

Hotelcloud continues its expansion strategy worldwide through the intermediary of agents which commercialize our services in their own country.

It is the case of Daniel Bilhau, manager & director of To Guide, the new travel experience, in Portugal. To Guide is a company specialized in audio guides and in the development of content and GPS applications for tourism sector.

They have been connected to the tourism and hospitality industry on the last years. According to Daniel «Hotelcloud has the world leader and the most mature concierge solution available on the market». That’s why he decided to add Hotelcloud solutions’ to his offers.

Moreover, the easy way to use the platform with the Html5 technology gave to our agent « the confidence », as he said, to introduce this unique solution to the Portuguese market and help hoteliers to differentiate and add value to their existing offers.

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