Hotelcloud at Meilleur Dev Event

27 May Hotelcloud at Meilleur Dev Event

Thursday, May 15 2014, a major event in the digital sphere occurred in the school 42 in Paris : The 2nd edition of the “Best Developer of France”.
Many personalities were present , among others Xavier Niel, Henri Seydoux, Axelle Lemaire, the Secretary of State Digital and many others.

Hotelcloud has taken a major part of the event. Indeed, we have developed the official application ( Native iPhone, iPad, Native Android Phone, Tablet and HTML 5 ) and also managed the concierge services in house!

Via the app, attendees were able to find in a few clicks all the informations about the event: agenda, speakers, hackathon rules’, the school plan and especially the e-concierge service that we powered!

The virtual concierge services offers managed in real time by 15 of  Hotelcloud staff were a real success.

The app, available on has been downloaded more than 1500 times. Thanks to this, 1000 persons ordered in real time Frozen Yogurts or Red Bull via the app and pick it up at our stand. In addition, attendees reserved their private drivers to go back home safely and easily (with a bonus € 15 discount), and others were able to find all the services around (tobacco , pharmacy, bank … ) via interactive maps with directions.

With all of that, we were able to demonstrate our expertise and vision for the future of concierge services!

Below, some pics of the event!

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