In-Room Entertainment Turns Away From TV

06 May In-Room Entertainment Turns Away From TV

This great article published in The New York Times and written by Jane L. Levere highlights how in-room entertainment at hotels is now moving away from TV.

TVs have historically been the center of attention in guest rooms and hoteliers would compete on who had the biggest, flattest screens, or boast about the programming they offered.

The times have changed and today’s travelers are more savvy, informed and connected. Technology and cloud services are dramatically changing the way they consume media, and predominantly movies. In-Room entertainment is no longer an important attribute that will drive demand.

Mobility and connected TVs (IPTV & Apple TV) generate new customers expectations and trends. Clients want to be able to watch their favorite movies content providers such as Hulu, Netflix, Apple and Amazon Prime.
Entertainment is often preloaded in guest’s own tablets or watched streaming on their personal laptops.

This phenomenon led to the bankruptcy of LodgeNet, the biggest in-room entertainment provider.

Other trends in “in-room experiences” :

  • Memorizing guest channels preferences
  • Equipping hotel rooms with Apple TVs so the guest can either watch movies from his account, or broadcast on the TV from his own device
  • CitizenM equips each rooms with tablets that not only act as TV remotes, but also control the room (temperature, shades, lights, etc…)

Lastly, The Peninsula Hong Kong finished the installation of a guest-room entertainment that costed between 10’000 to 25’000 per room with 3D TV’s, Blu-Ray player, world radio, free HD movies, VOIP phones, and bedside and desk tablets with a preset of 5 languages in order to manage room controls, order hotels services and concierge…

Which strategy will prove most rewarding for hoteliers? Considerable investments in services that are less and less used or a better network infrastructure that will support the increase in bandwidth use and lean, cloud technologies ?

You know on which side Hotelcloud stands! Learn how Hotelcloud best meets new guest expectations without requiring any investments in expensive equipment .

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