Is your marketing ready for the customer of the future?

24 Jun Is your marketing ready for the customer of the future?


This awesome article written by Jon Miller from INC explains the shift changes in consuming behaviors and how modern marketing should strategize to better engage their prospects.

You need to prepare your marketing strategy for the customer of the future !

As he states : “The huge shift in power from sales to consumers necessitates quick evolution from marketers.”

As he recalls, the past consuming behavior involved actively the consumer to interact with the sales representatives. But this advent today is over. The present consumer is very well informed, know what he wants, how he wants it and how much he should pay for it.

He calls them the “Self-directed buyers”.

So the question is :  how you to interact with them ?

As marketing is now becoming paramount, brands should interact with prospects on all channels by providing the most useful information and content through social media  and websites, whether it is video, downloadable fact-sheets and so forth.

Also, it is important to forget the old fashioned impersonal “carpet-bombing” emailing. But instead focus on a personalized and targeted one.

But, how can we achieve that ?

With the advent of data analysis :

“Make sure your content is the best and most informative. Instead of calling sales, they’re preferring to download content and watch videos on your website? That’s good data, keep sending them helpful, informative information to nurture that relationship.”


“Brand perceptions are formed and purchase decisions made before a customer ever talks with sales or sees a product in a retail setting. That’s a tremendous opportunity to get there first and forge long-lasting relationships at the onset. Is your marketing ready for this?”

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