Luxury Hotels: Luring the Next Generation

09 Jul Luxury Hotels: Luring the Next Generation

futureThis article from Kevin Brass in the New York Times stresses the fact that there is a new emerging generation of wealthy travelers with special needs and expectations. Hoteliers have to adapt and evolve to better cater those travels lifestyles and segments.

Most importantly it highlights the potential of “Big Data” to grangerize guest recognition and to predict behaviors and needs :

¬†“Hotels will also have to know more about their customers. Software and services that help hotels anticipate the needs and desires of clients are in their infancy now, many analysts say. And concierge services will have to advance to new levels, delivering on the demands of guests long before they arrive.”

At Hotelcloud we see the future.

Here is an excerpt of our CEO – David Brakha keynote during IHTF in Lisbon in April :

– We believe that technology should remove friction and get out of the way by creating simple experiences through innovation.

With the ability to discover and book activities anytime, anywhere, we can do more with less.

– So far, the innovation in the travel industry has primarily focused before the trip.

We are bringing technology to the FULL travel experience. Before, during, and after the trip.

– We believe that it is time for you to know your guests, in a deeper and wider way than ever before.

Your guests have spent decades traveling through many different properties, and each property has their own private understanding about who an individual guest is.

– We believe that by combining isolated data points, we will uncover the collective knowledge of a guest’s journey.

– By doing this, you will unlock the full spectrum of your guest profile.

– Imagine if after 20 years of marriage, your are back from Portugal, as you enter your apartment, your wife looks at you and says:

Hi, how can I help you?

– When you know someone, it profoundly changes the trust relationship and loyalty. Thus allowing a deeper, more comfortable, relaxed experience.

Again, our mission is to make travel a more personalized, frictionless, and consistent experience.

You can watch the full keynote here.

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