Meet our COO


05 Jun Meet our COO

Sharon Brakha, COO
By Florian Savoyen, Business Development

Could you introduce Sharon in a few words ?

Sharon is the perfect trendy thirty year-old woman knowing how to balance between her career and personal life! With her, the work is always fun and in a good mood! But be careful to rigor, most certainly her HEC / Goldman Sachs legacy ! With Sharon, a blue box should be blue, not red, not green, blue :)

What makes her an asset to Hotelcloud ?

Hotelcloud is a growing startup with three offices in three countries, hiring15 people very different from each others. She always knows how to manage the team, allowing everyone to express himself and thrive at work, without losing sight of the objectives. For me, Sharon is like our mum @ work, a young mum!

What did you learn from Sharon ?

Being rigorous and identify priorities when you get 1000 things to do each day… Essentially what makes a company valuable & scalable.

If Sharon were an animal ?

I would say a beaver: working step by step, you will be sure to have the perfect long-lasting house with solid foundations.



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