Meet the Founder!

02 Jun Meet the Founder!

David-Benjamin Brakha, Founder & CEO
By Nicolas Brouet, Head of Global Sales

Nicolas, could you introduce David in a few words?

David is a radical visionary combining deep technology knowledge and a strong desire to make the world and the hospitality industry better connected places. He is always four steps ahead and fight with force for his convictions.

What makes him an asset to Hotelcloud?

He is the backbone of the company, our prophet in finding the best technology solution and predicting the future. He can work in New York but comes unexpectedly the next day in London to help the team. He can work night and days on an obscure and resistant bug but still comes out with a new solution the next morning. Oh and his ‘insanity’ training will allow us to evangelize even the most dangerous countries to the Hotelcloud faith.

What did your learn from David?

He taught me that you can listen to music, speak to a person in the office, another person online and doing all that during a coding session and still manage to understand everybody … pretty impressive!

If David were an animal?

I would say a sled dog! Pulling hard to change the world but free at night to howl to the moon…


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