Six Technology Trends Revolutionizing The Hospitality Industry

07 Jun Six Technology Trends Revolutionizing The Hospitality Industry

This article is about why new technology trends should be actively followed by hoteliers as it will help them to better anticipate new guests expectations and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Cloud (Software as a Service) : The delocalization of IT infrastructures helps quicken the integration and reduces investments on the infrastructure side as well as labour side.
  • Mobility is an extension of our digital lifestyles. By using tablets as a check-in booth for example, it is possible to deliver a more proxemic and personalized experience to the guest.
  • Social monitoring and interacting helps you manage your online reputation and discuss directly with your guests. Hoteliers cannot avoid it anymore as the new generation of guests are very informed. The author conveys that social monitoring should be directly integrated into the management systems in order to be able to respond swiftly to any problems that could arise.
  • Customers are expecting new experiences within the premises to be more personalized. There is today a lack of integration of all the informations obtained about the guest it the hotels systems. This is potentially a game changer in the ultra-personalization of services.
  • Integration of Informations Systems & POS are essential towards a more holistic and efficient monitoring of all functions in the business units within the hotel. Such centralization will also help to take advantage of data gleaned in each department.
  • Big chains must account globalization in the way they think and develop their IT infrastructures in order to survive the economic uncertainty.

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