The art of upselling using analytics can boost the bottom line

10 Jun The art of upselling using analytics can boost the bottom line

do-you-want-fries-with-thatIn this great article, revenue manager are seeing new opportunities for substantial revenues generation through analytics and by revamping the booking experience.

Unbundling services and separate some of them as add-on could generate more revenues such as event tickets, parking and so forth.


By harnessing the power of analytics Hotel may be able to better understand service usage patterns and optimize their offering.

Also, there is a true opportunity in up-selling at the moment of booking by offering a late check-out option for example.

“The first is at the point of booking. If a website is able to offer additional services at the point of booking, it would be a great way to drive revenue and create a customized experience for each guest.

In addition, by sending a pre-arrival email to all guests to offer the option to book additional services, the hotel could capture those individuals that were not ready to make the commitment when they booked the first time. Both of these opportunities would require additional website upgrades and potentially additional staffing. However, it would also allow the hotel to do more than make up for the expenses, while creating a great experience for the guest at the same time.

If a guest can be served better while also driving up profits, there is a strong reason for hotel companies to focus on analytics-driven up-selling.”

You can achieve all that with Hotelcloud without additional staffing nor to upgrade your website. We already centralize the whole travel planning and help you generate new revenues from the moment of booking.

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