On wednesday, discover Stephanie in London


04 Jun On wednesday, discover Stephanie in London

Stephanie, UK Operations Manager
By Sharon Brakha, COO

Could you introduce Stephanie in a few words ? 

Stephanie is a very dynamic woman with an amazing sense of humour. Sharp and sensitive, Stephanie always knows how to entertain the team as well as taking care of her colleagues when they need it. Having travelled all over the world, Stephanie knows how to speak five languages and has no problem adjusting to foreign culture which makes her our “global asset”!

What makes her an asset to Hotelcloud? 

Definitely her smile & positive attitude! She is friendly with everybody from customers, to team-mates,  delivery guys or competitors ! She always welcomes her new job tasks with a big laugh! Never complaining or saying no. This is key in a company where tons of things can come up and you need a big smile to handle it all!

What did your learn from Stephanie?

Just do it and do it right! Stephanie makes things quickly just how you want them to be.

If Stephanie were an animal? 

I would say a female bears… her strong maternal instinct makes the whole team feel very secure !


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