Welcoming FG Property Management in our Portfolio


14 Apr Welcoming FG Property Management in our Portfolio


FG Property Management specialises in providing short – very short term property rentals in London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rome and Marrakech  With more than 250 flats in London and 50 in Paris, their business is short letting vacant, privately owned homes. Their guests have the opportunity to stay in fully-furnished flats or houses oozing local character and charm. It provides them with a more memorable experience than a monotonous hotel room.

Their aim is to deliver refined listings, in the most sought after postcodes in London, without the exorbitant prices and to provide a fully curated experience for Guests, offering service & style of a boutique hotel with the comfort & privacy of a home.

According to Letizia Tigano, Operations Manager at their London office, their guest experience has definitely changed thanks to Hotelcloud. Our service has offered FG Property Management a better way to approach their clients. Today, their guests can discover London and find useful information about their apartments in just few clicks

To learn more about FG Property Management, visit their website. 

FG also markets its flats on Airbnb. We are fueling the war between Airbnb and Hotels, may the best win!

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