Why The Destination Marketing Organization Model in Tourism Is Broken?

18 Sep Why The Destination Marketing Organization Model in Tourism Is Broken?

This very interesting article is striving to answer why “The Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) Model in Tourism Is Broken” with a focus made on the importance of mobile technology, for guests, in the hospitality industry.

“Mobile, Mobile, Mobile!

iPhone App for Hotels

The major disruptor is the omnipresence of mobile, through smartphone or tablet devices.

In June 2013, it was esteemed that more than 40% of all online research for travel came from a mobile device – up from 25% at the end of 2012! Yet, the greatest challenge this brings to the DMO is in the real-time access, how we can engage with the traveler while at the destination. Of the six elements required to make it as a digital destination, one is often under-looked: the need to have a separate mobile site for travelers at your destination.

Another article reinforces this by arguing that:

“Tourists expect more information than DMO’s can provide. Information is abundant. Technology is connective. And social provides the personal touch of your own concierge.

Prior to that iPhone in your pocket, local knowledge about a town was restricted to guide books and memories, both of which required curation by a central source. Today, we can do everything from translate Dutch to board a plane with just a phone.

Yes, destinations can offer digital versions of listings and information, but the industry is facing incredible competition from the very same organizations that are slowly usurping the local ad dollars. But what about adoption…people still love guidebooks and brochures. True, they do. But do not underestimate the penetration of technology into our daily lives.

The consumer now has the ability to find unbiased information about anything on the planet.”

DMO are just offering information, but today travelers want more than just info. Travel for guests is a real experience that they want to keep in memory for years. To do this, travelers want their trip and the whole experience to be easier to book, easier to organize from the beginning to the end of it.

To achieve this, travelers and guests are in search of  a frictionless and more effective customizable solution through mobile strategy. Hotelcloud is actually here to answer to this specific need. Hotelcloud allows guests to browse and intuitively place orders for hotel services as well as activities provided by an eco-system of local partners.

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